Some material relating to my father - Stefan Drobot

Several years ago, my cousin Adam Rutkowski put together a website dedicated to the history of Djament family. Many people made contributions and I encourage anyone who is reading this to go and visit the site. It explains a lot of things about me and my blood relatives. Among my own contributions there are two items that might be of special interest: The first one is an essay about my father, which I call "Stefan Drobot - a personal perspective." It's not a biography in the strictest sense, but some ramblings on the life of my father, the way I saw it. It perhaps may help anyone who is interested in understanding where I come from. I was not particularly close to him, but he did influence me quite a bit. The second item is the content of the dossier on my father maintained by the Secret Police in Poland. The page consists of copies of all the items from that dossier which are in my possesion, their translation into English, and my commentary. I also discuss how I got the material, etc.